About Penelope

Female hair loss can be devastating, and this is something I know personally.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the age of 11, and for the 25 years following that diagnosis, my hairline has inched further and further away from my face.

Going to the salon to get a hair cut or styled should be a relaxing, fun experience, right?  Instead, I dread the inevitable questions and comments about my hairline from the stylist. I dread the damage that that follows a dye job or a blow-out, and, most of all, I dread the three hours I must look in the mirror at my head.

In recovering from my own hair loss, I’ve used many tricks, tips, and treatments. Some have worked, some have been bogus, and the jury is out on others. It’s a journey!

I created this site to help other women also suffering from hair loss. I offer my thoughts on and experiences with hair loss products, supplements, and strategies.

Best of all, I’m a research nerd, so this site is full of industry-leading and science-based information to promote hair regrowth, and minimize further hair loss.

With this site, I want to do two things: 1) steer women toward good hair loss products and solid science, and 2) create a forum for us to connect and share knowledge, questions, and experiences.

Please reach out to me at penelope@femalehairlossprevention.com with any comments, questions, or ideas!  I welcome your feedback and the chance to learn from you.

Yours in all things hair,