Hairstyles for Hair Loss

We all care about how we look, which is why hair loss can be so devastating to our self-esteem. People see our faces, and our hair, first – it’s a key component of any first impression.

Here’s a rundown of flattering hairstyles for women with hair loss.  Try any of these and boost your confidence and improve your appearance.


For overall thinning hair:

  1. Add volume by wearing it shoulder length, and use mouse and style products to give it volume and texture.
  2. seaside hairWear it long and wavy, using a cut with several lengths of layers and even a multidimensional color (ie, highlights and lowlights in several colors). Add even more volume to this style by using a sea salt spray. For this look, think mermaids and “beach hair“.
  3. Try the “ombre” dyed look with a darker top and lighter ends, to draw the eyes down rather than to the scalp.  While one of my rules is to avoid bleach and dyes, I make an exception for the “ombre” look, as typically the bleach is only on the lower end of the hair and not near the scalp and follicles.


For receding hairlines:

  1. girl with banksAdd bangs. This will hide your receding or patchy hairline and make your entire face/forehead look smaller.
  2. Wear your hair up in messy ponytails and buns – this gives the illusion of more volume and hair on top of your head
  3. Short pixie cut – draws attention away from your hair loss in one specific place on the scalp; evens out the impact visually.
  4. HAIR BANDS – this creates a “new hairline” and disguises patchy areas close to your face.



  1. Extensions
  2. Dreadlocks & braids
  3. Cornrows
  4. Hats or wigs – these smother the scalp and inhibit circulation
  5. Tight, high ponytails that pull hair away from face and put strain on the follicles
  6. Excessive styling, blow drying, blow outs, and straightening
  7. Curling irons – why fry and break already damaged hair?
  8. Letting your hair get too long – this puts strain on weak follicles and leads to more fallout