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Product: Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets
Cheapest Place To Buy:
Quantity: 60 tablets (1 month supply)
Guarantee: 90 day money-back guarantee


What is Viviscal?

Viviscal is a nutritional supplement to treat hair loss in men and women, made by a company of the same name.

Viviscal is legitimately one of the less expensive hair loss vitamins, at around $1/day for a month’s supply as of the date of this review, on

So – What’s in it?

Viviscal contains several vitamins we know to expect from a hair loss supplement  – Niacin, Biotin, Iron, and Zinc.

Additionally, VIviscal contains what they call the AminoMar Marine Complex – an amino acid blend derived from shark and mollusk proteins. This is promising, because collagen is one of the heavy hitters in hair loss recovery, in my humble opinion.

Other herbal ingredients are Millet Seed, and Horsetail Stem Extract.

In summary, Viviscal is a pretty simple, streamlined supplement, especially compared to the complex formulas found in other hair loss supplements we have previously reviewed, Propidren and Nutrafol.

Is Viviscal worth the money?

Anyone can supplement inexpensively with biotin, niacin, iron, and zinc.

What sets Viviscal apart is the presence of this shark and mollusk powder, which is a proprietary blend you can’t find in other supplements.

In the 1980’s, a Scandinavian professor studying the Inuits discovered that their great hair and skin was the result of their fish- and protein-rich diet. He isolated the key protein molecules from the Inuits’ diet and, from these origins, AminoMar was created.

If you’ve been curious about how marine collagen and protein can strengthen your hair and prevent future hair loss, this might just be the product for you. Become one with the shark!

Viviscal: The Science

At the date of this review, there are seven clinical studies supporting the efficacy of Viviscal. You can read about some of the details of these particular studies here. It’s really encouraging to see so much published research behind this particular supplement.

Additionally, the company has put in over twenty-five years of research into the biology and treatment of hair loss.

This supplement is designed to treat hair in four distinct stages. These stages are in alignment with our innate hair growth cycles.

viviscal science


Who should take Viviscal?

  • Viviscal dietary supplements are suitable for both men and women over the age of 18, of all hair types.
  • Viviscal is not suitable for children under 18; those with an allergy to fish or shellfish; or women who may be pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • It is always advisable to consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplement.

Again, if you have a shellfish or fish allergy, do not take Viviscal. The key ingredient, their AminoMar marine complex, is fish and shellfish based and is contraindicated for any fish or shellfish allergy. 

Viviscal is not indicated for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Viviscal is not a vegetarian product, because it contains shark and shellfish protein. So, pescatarians go to town, but vegans and vegetarians, you might wanna move on.

Viviscal Side Effects:

The most obvious side effect from Viviscal is an allergic reaction to shellfish or fish. If you know you have either of these allergies, this is not the product for you!

gluten freeViviscal does not contain any gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs, or wheat: anyone with these allergies can safely take it.

The company claims that Viviscal has withstood rigorous testing and users in clinical trials experienced no adverse skin effects.

Furthermore, they claim that Viviscal does not impact eyelash or eyebrow growth. For many people, this is probably good news. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen many a bald man with bushy eyebrows and a killer beard. Scalp hair loss has different causes and treatments than hair anywhere else on our body, including our face.

Other side effects I’ve seen mentioned in online reviews are: skin issues and outbreaks, stomach sensitivity, rashes, hormonal swings, mood swings, and no impact on hair loss/growth at all.

Everyone’s experience with supplements is going to be different, because everyone’s body is different, but it’s important here to note both the good and the bad found from my research.

Everything we add to our body is probably going to produce some kind of side effect: the goal is to maximize the positive and minimize the negative!

What People Are Saying: Viviscal Reviews


  • Extensive positive reviews from long-time users online
  • Ingredients known to promote hair growth
  • Unique shark/mollusk protein ingredient helps strengthen hair
  • Thicker fuller hair
  • Longer, stronger hair
  • Reduced shedding
  • Stronger, longer nails
  • Inexpensive compared to the competition


  • Important: NOT intended for anyone with a fish or shellfish allergy
  • More expensive than a multi-vitamin
  • Doesn’t work for everyone
  • Inappropriate for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Some users report increased acne and rashes

Viviscal has an average of 3.5 stars out of almost 3,000 reviews on at the date of this review. This list of pros and cons of viviscal is a result of reading these reviews.

Overall: Viviscal Is Worth a Try

Incredibly, there are over a 180 answered questions for Viviscal on So, if you have any lingering concerns, it’s very likely those questions were thoroughly addressed there. Check it out!

I admire that the Viviscal company is so invested in providing clear information about their product, and has answered so many questions in a centralized forum.

Their website is also a great source of more product information, although obviously they will be more biased in favor of their product than independent reviews.

Because of the relative low cost of this supplement when compared to other hair loss supplements, Viviscal is worth a try, especially for those on a tight budget. My impression from reading reviews is that users know right away whether Viviscal is helping.

Because of the 90 day money-back guarantee, you can just get a refund if you have one of the adverse responses mentioned in the negative reviews.

If you’ve tried Viviscal, please do leave your experience in a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

==>Check out Viviscal Extra Strength and let us know how it works for you!<==

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24 thoughts on “Viviscal Extra Strength: Review”

  • 1
    Linda on October 3, 2017 Reply

    Hi, Penelope! Thanks for sharing this great review! It is convincing and detailed information that we need about this product. It seems like a good product. I never tried Viviscal, and I would be interested to read other opinions about it.
    I think that I need some supplement to strengthen my hair, but I can’t buy this one because I am vegetarian and I don’t use products that are from animal sources.
    Maybe you can tell me about other supplements that are good for hair. Thanks!

    • 2
      Penelope on October 3, 2017 Reply

      Thanks for the feedback! Vegetarians (and vegans) can get some of the benefits of marine collagen through taking plant silica – this is a great alternative. There’s something out there for all of us!

  • 3
    Joanne Lessner on October 4, 2017 Reply

    In September 2016 I suddenly started shedding hair like crazy. It has been thinning on and off for years, but this was a mass exodus! I read about Viviscal and started using it. Within a month the shedding stopped, and then I definitely had significant regrowth by 6 months. So much so that I got lazy and over the summer started only taking it once a day. I also got lazy with my 5000 mcg of Biotin (there’s Biotin in Viviscal, but very little; I hadn’t read the label closely enough and thought it was more than it was.) Fast forward to last month–September again–and the shedding starts anew. So I’m back up to Viviscal 2x/day and trying a number of other things you’ve suggested (per my comments on other pages!) and we’ll see what happens. I have read that fall shedding is a thing, so maybe the stopping/regrowth last year was simply a cycle thing and not the Viviscal. But I’m back on it since I did see a difference last year. ProTip: Buy it at CVS when they’re having a 30% off week and in the box you’ll get a $5 off coupon. Combining those two things every month has made it fairly affordable.

    • 4
      Penelope on October 4, 2017 Reply

      Thanks for sharing your experience with Viviscal! And for those of us who don’t want to wait for the CVS sale, is a great alternative – the product runs just over $30 for a month supply.

  • 5
    Archtrove on October 4, 2017 Reply

    I havent experienced hair loss yet, but my mum does complain of this and said she started in her 30s so I should be looking into this and therefore thanks for the post. The tablets seem quite easy to take and therefore it will be easy to remember and is something I would be able to do.

    • 6
      Penelope on October 4, 2017 Reply

      Thanks for stopping by! Definitely send your mom this way and maybe she can learn more about what hair loss treatment is best for her.

  • 7
    Vince on October 5, 2017 Reply

    Thanks for sharing this Penelope. I’m starting to recede on the sides and have been looking for a hair growth supplements hence how I came to your site.
    I’ve just read other reviews and looks like a great product. I will be purchasing.
    Appreciate the information.

    • 8
      Penelope on October 5, 2017 Reply

      thanks for the feedback, Vince! Come back and let us know how Viviscal works for you!

  • 9
    riley roman on October 5, 2017 Reply

    My daughter is having this problem now and I suggested Viviscal for her, however, I knew nothing except what I have read in magazines or seen on commercials. Your post is right on time as I will be seeing my daughter tomorrow & will share this info with her. If she wants to buy it I will send her to your site and after she takes it she will let you know how it worked for her. Also, a question I have is have you researched a line of hair products called Nioxin? I have heard great things about them also, Just curious if you know anything about this line, Thanks for a great review.

    • 10
      Penelope on October 5, 2017 Reply

      thanks for passing the blog onto your daughter, hopefully it will help her decide what hair loss treatment is best for her! With Nioxin, I have yet to review it but I do know some of their products are far more favorably reviewed than others. I would need to do more research before trying it or reviewing it, but I may just do that, because it’s a good low-cost alternative!

  • 11
    Timotheus on October 5, 2017 Reply

    Hi Penelope,

    Thank you for a very detailed review. It is very informative.

    I am a man in his 50s, and have thinning hair at the top of my head. I have tried a hair lotion, and it is helping a little. Just yesterday, I bought online a shampoo set from Korea that boasts anti-hair loss and customers have reported hair growth.

    Still, I am on the lookout for more ways to help prevent further hair loss and increase hair growth. This product seems interesting. My only concern is that one of the cons is it may not work for everyone. May I find out if you have further info on this? E.g. what is the percentage? why it may not have worked? etc.

    Look forward to your reply.

    • 12
      Penelope on October 5, 2017 Reply

      Thanks for the great questions. First, it’s important to use supplements at the same time as a shampoo, to treat your hair loss from the inside as well as the outside. So, adding this or another hair loss supplement to your routine is something I strongly recommend. And hopefully the Korean product will help! I don’t know the exact percentage of success rate for this product, and I go by average user reviews, and the percentage of those who’ve left 4 or 5 stars. I’d encourage you to check out the reviews and make your own judgment about whether this is the right one for you to try!

  • 13
    Marcie on October 5, 2017 Reply

    This product sounds worth a try. I like many black people struggle with growing my hair, so I am interested in any supplement that will aid me to that end.
    I prefer natural products, and I’m not sure if these are natural.
    I checked out the price and that seems very reasonable and the 90-day money back guarantee is a winner too!
    So I think I’m going to give them a try.
    I’ll be back to let you know how I get along!

    • 14
      Penelope on October 5, 2017 Reply

      thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to hearing about your experience with Viviscal!

  • 15
    Dira on October 8, 2017 Reply

    It is very comforting to know that there are seven clinical studies supporting the efficacy of Viviscal. It shows that the product really works. What is really interesting to read on articles about hair-loss is how important the fish (shark) component is in helping the process. And it is good to know that the Viviscal company is so invested in providing clear information about their product, it shows their commitment to provide the best service. I know some people who will be very interested in knowing more about this product. Will share this article with them.

    • 16
      Penelope on October 8, 2017 Reply

      Thanks so much for your feedback and for passing on this blog to people who could use the info. I agree that Viviscal does a great job of supporting their product with science, and I’m grateful for the power of marine collagen!!

  • 17
    Shirley on October 8, 2017 Reply

    Great review once again, it sounds like this supplement would be good for strengthening the hair and helping it to grow, even if hair loss is not a concern. Does that sound about right? I recently had a disaster haircut and I’m looking for ways to make my hair grow back as quickly as possible.

    • 18
      Penelope on October 8, 2017 Reply

      YES: that’s exactly right. Not everyone concerned with hair strengthening and growth is experiencing baldness or hair loss – many people just have temporary hair weakness due to styling and chemical changes. You should try Viviscal and come back and let us know how it works fo ryou!

  • 19
    Terri on December 17, 2017 Reply

    I agree with Shirley…even though we may not be experiencing hair loss, strengthening is a good idea, especially with the styling and chemical strain we put on our hair every day!

    • 20
      Penelope on December 17, 2017 Reply

      Thanks, Terri! Yeah, it should just be another thing we think about and plan for, as automatic as applying sunscreen!

  • 21
    Brenda Buck on December 17, 2017 Reply

    I absolutely love the details you are providing here! Thanks!

  • 22
    Paula Waldeck on December 27, 2017 Reply

    This was a great review. I have not checked into hair loss products before. I woould like to read more about it. Thanks for the information.

  • 23
    Sarah on December 30, 2017 Reply

    Super article, now I must admit that I am a big fan of your article writing and the easy and useful solutions you provide us, even busiest people can follow the treatments and have good hair. Usually on most of the website, instructions and product are really impractical and hard for busiest people. You are great I must say…

    • 24
      Penelope on December 30, 2017 Reply

      Thanks for reading about Viviscal, and I appreciate your kind comments about my writing style~!

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